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Free Consultations (mn only)


I'm Chris Diefenderfer, owner of CTI Consulting Inc. My company is  located right here in Bloomington Minnesota, and specializes in all things  Bitcoin. My primary focus is to provide liquidity for Bitcoin, a sort of  cash in/cash out operation, but I would like to offer some of my  knowledge to you! 

Who is eligible?

I am willing to answer questions to anyone interested in Bitcoin, however for an in-person meeting i recommend you live in Minnesota. For out of state clients I will offer brief consultations over the phone. 

Don't know where to go next?

If you are in the finance world, or you have some money invested in  conventional stocks, you have most likely heard of Bitcoin. However,  because of the technical nature of Bitcoin, it can be very difficult to  understand. I'm here to help! 

What I can do for you

-I am offering free 30 min consultations to anyone who is interested in Bitcoin.

-I can answer any questions you may have, and give you some helpful resources to get you started.

-I will be more then happily help you purchase your first Bitcoin if you choose to in the future. No pressure, no commitment.

What I will not do

I do not own a "Get rich quick" company. I'm not interested in signing you up for anything, taking your personal information or investing with your money. These sessions are an opportunity for you ask questions and get familiar with Bitcoin.

Ready to begin?

If you are interested in meeting with me, please give me a call, or click the "Schedule" button at the top of the page. I prefer to do all meetings at my office, but if need be I may be able to travel to your location.